Uncut Gems Star Julia Fox

Uncut Gems Star Julia Fox in Hammerman Jewels at the Whitney Museum of American Art Party

January 28th, 2020


Julia Fox was named one of the best-dressed guests at the Whitney Museum Art Party on January 28th, 2020. In head to toe Max Mara, she was a sight for sore eyes. Matching her all-blue theme, Julia wore our Les Boules Collection Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings.





Blue Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings - Hammerman Jewels


Les Boules Collection Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings


Julia was also wearing our Les Boules Collection Diamond Dome Ring and an exclusive diamond ring from our Award Winning Styx and Stones Collection.


Les Boules Collection Diamond Dome Ring - Hammerman Jewels


Les Boules Collection Diamond Dome Ring



For more information on our exclusive Les Boules Collection Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings and the Award Winning Styx and Stones Collection, please contact [email protected].

To view our Les Boules Collection Diamond Drop Earrings, click here.

Perfectly styled by Matthew Mazur.

VOGUE: Rihanna Enlists A Designer Friend To Spice Up Her Savage X Fenty Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Vogue Rihanna Hammerman Jewels

Rihanna featured in VOGUE wearing Hammerman Jewels’ Diamond Flower Necklace.

Hammerman Jewels Diamond Flower Necklace

When it came to souping up Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie for Valentine’s Day 2020, the self-professed bad gal had one designer in mind: Adam Selman, aka the man whose Le Specs collaboration took the modeling world by storm. The Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner are Selman fans, and RiRi – who gives seriously good sunglasses – has worn her friend’s shades despite designing pairs herself over at Fenty.com. So, does Selman have the same magic touch when it comes to underwear?

“Lingerie is something I’ve always wanted to design,” Selman tells Vogue. “So many of my collections have been influenced and inspired by the detailing and fabrics. It was an easy pairing because Rihanna and I share so many core beliefs: our brands make people feel confident, powerful and joyful.”

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Dominique Demands Only The Best

This season, we rolled out the red carpet for the transsexual break-out star, Dominique Jackson!

She electrified the small screen as the show-stopping, scene-stealing, reigning Queen of the Ball.

TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH for this fierce diva in demand. Her character demands more! More opulence. More luxury. More extravagance. So, Celebrity Stylist Ty-Ron Mayes unlocks the vault at Hammerman Jewels and delivers the Mother of The House her grand jewels. Well over $100 Million of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies were hand-delivered to the set, along with a full rack of vintage Versace from the Fashion Library of Albright. That will do! Every stop talking and start gawking.

JEZ Magazine

Photography: Ezequiel De La Rosa

Fashion Editor at Large: Ty-Ron Mayes

Beauty Editor: Renee Garnes

Actress: Dominique Jackson

Hair: Moiz Alladina at The Wall Group

New York Fashion Week Showcases the New Hottest Fashion Jewelry Trends: Big and Bold Earrings

New York Fashion Week is a fashion spectacle that the world pays attention to in order to understand what clothes, jewelry, and accessories should adorn closets next. At this year’s NYFW, it was made clear that jewelry is trending bigger and bolder. As models walked the runway, it was clear that the world’s largest fashion designers wanted jewelry to be a focus of the overall design.

Most notably, over-the-top statement earrings were seen in almost every show.

As the top choice for exquisite jewelry in New York City, Hammerman Jewels is a mainstay at New York Fashion Week. The design house stays ahead of jewelry trends to ensure that New Yorkers are always in style. Our professional jewelry ambassadors can help fill your jewelry box with the new hottest fashion through a personalized consultation.

There is no doubt that earrings make a statement, especially when they are big and bold. Highlighted throughout Fashion Week were hoop earrings. At Hammerman Jewels, we believe that the earring is a powerful accessory for all women; hoop earrings with a little black dress, stilettos and a bold red lip is a classic, powerful nighttime look.

Hoop earrings can range is size and style to match nearly any outfit, whether formal or casual; diamond-studded hoops accentuated a cocktail dress, while large metal hoops work with chic daytime attire. The fact that hoops draw attention to the face makes them a perfect addition for an up-do or slicked back hairstyle.

Hammerman Jewels has numerous hoop earrings to match your style and enhance your inner-fashionista.

Hammerman Hoops with Brown Agate and Diamond Frame

These earrings, made with 18 karat yellow gold, brown agate, and both white and yellow diamonds, are sure to turn heads. With 126 white diamonds and 110 yellow diamonds, these earrings define the big and bold hoop earring trend. Try them with jeans and a camel-colored coat for daytime or an elegant gold cocktail dress for nighttime.


Hammerman Hoops with Brown Agate and Diamond Frame

Hammerman Hoops with Brown Agate and Diamond Frame


Our design house also makes this style with White Agate and Jet, if your style lends itself to more black or white accessories.

Hammerman Hoops with Diamonds and Diamond Frame

Hoops may be a fashion trend but diamonds never go out of style. These earrings are an elegant take on the hottest new jewelry fashion and, with nearly 12 carats of diamonds, will never go out of style.  The beauty of diamonds is that they match everything; although typically seem for special occasions, diamonds can be worn at any time, with any outfit. Try these earrings with jeans and a tee-shirt for a casual brunch in town, or for a black-tie affair.


Hammerman Hoops with Diamonds and Diamond Frame

Hammerman Hoops with Diamonds and Diamond Frame


If you prefer the statement that hoop earrings provide but are not keen on a traditional hoop look, Hammerman Jewels designs and sells statement pieces to accentuate your wardrobe while enhancing your overall style.

Diamond Tangerine Slice Earring

These earrings define elegance; set in 18 karat white gold, they contain 270 diamonds weighing 2 carats. While these earrings would certainly be suited for an evening affair, they would also be the perfect finishing touch during the day with a black leather jacket and booties.


Diamond Tangerine Slice Earring


Faceted Crystal Deco Earring with Diamond Frame

These earnings offer the elegance of a diamond stud, with the wow-factor of a hoop earring. With over 200 diamonds, this crystal deco-style earring is a popular style to enhance any outfit from work to play to evening attire.  Try these earrings for a classic day-to-night look with a slicked-back high ponytail.


Faceted Crystal Deco Earring with Diamond Frame 


At Hammerman Jewels, our NYC jewelry ambassadors recommend that you never leave the house without earrings; they complete any look and can truly enhance an outfit and style while highlighting a woman’s beautiful face. If you would like assistance in hand-selecting the perfect statement earrings to complete your collection, schedule a personalized consultation today.

A Major Fashion Comeback: Color Gemstones is a Top 2019 Jewelry Trend

Every year, we see countless jewelry trends that come and go; some trends are subtle, like diamond drop earrings, and some are meant to make you stand out from the crowd, such as chunky statement metals. In 2019, the fashion industry has (thankfully) welcomed back color gemstones, a jewelry trend that works for both everyday wear and glamorous evening events.

Color gemstones were a major trend in the 1990s and early 2000s, when a fashion guideline was “the more colors, the better.” During that period, it was trendy to wear jewelry items that boasted your birthstone or those of your children. However, over time, the jewelry industry saw a shift to subtlety, with diamonds and simple metal pieces becoming the focal point of women’s jewelry collections.

Precious gemstones are beautiful, elaborate and valuable. These trendy pieces are worth the investment in 2019, as the popularity of the trend and the value of multiple gemstones continues to rise. At Hammerman Jewels, the premier jewelry company in New York City, our professional jewelry ambassadors are thrilled to welcome back this colorful trend with some of our hand-picked precious gemstone pieces.

Glistening Orange Jewelry

Sparkle is a girl’s best accessory and nothing steals the show quite like shades of orange, which will certainly make a woman stand out.  Many precious gemstones can be found naturally in orange, including garnet and citrine. Hammerman Jewels designs and crafts jewelry using these gemstones, among others, to make a woman sparkle and shine day and night.

To make a statement, opt for Hammerman Jewels’ Orange and Pink Garnet Chandelier Earrings. Garnet is typically seen in its traditional “garnet red” form, but these orange and pink garnets show the versatility and style of the gemstone.  With nearly 13 carats of orange and pink garnets, these dangling earrings add both fun and elegance to your jewelry collection.

Orange and Pink Garnet Chandelier Earrings

Orange and Pink Garnet Chandelier Earrings



The Pretty Pink Tourmaline, Citrine and Diamond Ring by Hammerman Jewels is the perfect color gemstone ring to add a classy, yet stylish, piece to your collection. With nearly 9 carats of citrine, a glassy yellowish-orange variety of quartz, over 1.5 carats of pink tourmaline, a pink healing crystal, and 144 diamonds, this ring will have every woman swooning.


Pretty Pink Tourmaline, Citrine and Diamond Ring


Sparkle with Kunzite

Kunzite is a glassy gemstone that ranges in color from pastel pink to intense violet; it is a rare and valuable gemstone that has been used in elegant jewelry since the early 1900s.  Kunzite is known as the “Stone of Emotion” and is said to connect the heart and mind, to stimulate healing between the two. Its sparkling color adds the perfect accent to nearly any outfit.

At Hammerman Jewels, we believe the One of a Kind Kunzite and Coral Necklace is the show-stopping piece than a woman needs in her jewelry box. With nearly 100 carats of kunzite, over 5 carats of diamonds and over three carats of pink tourmaline, this necklace is as elegant as it is visually stunning.


One of a Kind Kunzite and Coral Necklace


For a black-tie function, elegant dinner party or evening out in the city, try Hammerman Jewels’ Kunzite Bracelet with Diamonds and Pink Sapphires.  This bracelet contains 24 cushion cut kunzites, 85 diamonds, and 81 pink sapphires; it is the perfect finishing touch to your night out wardrobe.


Kunzite Bracelet with Diamonds and Pink Sapphires


Pretty in Pink

Pink gemstones are another favorite among women; the feminine elegance provided by gemstones such as pink tourmaline, coral and rubellite add elegance and class to any outfit.  Pink tourmaline enhances emotional healing while offering bright vibrant pink accents to your outfit. Coral, unlike other gemstones, is made from living organisms; it comes in various shades of pinks and reds.  Rubelite is tourmaline that appears in pink to red hues.

For a large statement piece, wear Hammerman Jewels’ Cabochon Pink Tourmaline Bangle in Yellow and Rose Gold.  With one pink tourmaline of over 14 carats, set in a beautiful thick bangle of yellow and rose gold, this bracelet will serve as the focal point of any outfit.



Cabochon Pink Tourmaline Bangle in Yellow and Rose Gold

Cabochon Pink Tourmaline Bangle in Yellow and Rose Gold


Hammerman Jewels’ jewelry ambassadors recommend the Coral and Rubellite Flower Cocktail Ring for a classy and glamorous piece.  This statement ring contains 6 corals, 5 rubellites and 110 diamonds.  It is certainly an item of jewelry that will be in your rotation for day and night throughout the years.

Coral and Rubelite Flower Cocktail Ring

Coral and Rubellite Flower Cocktail Ring


As New York’s top jewelry design company, Hammerman Jewels prides itself on designing and crafting show-stopping pieces that are both trendy and timeless. To add color gemstone pieces to your collection, or any of our other fabulous jewelry, schedule a personalized consultation with our expert ambassadors today.

Set Sail in Style: Exquisite Jewels to Complement your Yachting Vacation

A luxury yacht with incomparable views, impeccable cuisine, the finest wine; sun tanned skin, beautiful bikinis and designer sunglasses; what more do you need on your yachting vacation? The only thing missing is handcrafted and exquisite jewelry to match your boating style.

You are never fully dressed without complementary jewelry pieces, whether on land or at sea. Typically, the dress while on a yacht consists of elegant, flowing sundresses for women and khaki and linen for men.  The color scheme lends itself to a more neutral palate.  This nautical-inspired wear allows you to shine through your choice in yacht jewelry.

The ocean is a magnificent inspiration for jewelry options during your summer yacht travels.  With its wide array of glimmering blues, greens, and purples, the ocean can help inspire jewelry options that will have you glimmering and glowing from morning to evening.

Our hand-selected jewels will elevate your summer yacht style and make you feel like the most elegant woman on the yacht.


Capri is known for its crystal clear turquoise waters, its strong sun, a fun and festive culture full of vibrant colors and its delicious seafood.  When your yacht docks, you will be in awe of the beauty of the varying turquoise hues of the ocean around you.  Turquoise jewelry is the perfect complement to days at port.

Turquoise is a rare, prized gemstone; it is known for its opaque, blue/green color.  Turquoise jewelry can be matched with neutral or colorful clothing.  It can be dressed up for a dinner party, or dressed day for a relaxed day at the beach.

For statement earrings, try Hammerman Jewels’ Turquoise and Blue Sapphire Amorphous Earring.  These beautiful earrings contain nearly 16 carats of turquoise, over 4 carats of diamonds and over 1 carat of sapphires and are sure to complete your outfit and draw attention to your face.

Turquoise and Blue Sapphire Amorphous Earring



The shallow waters you will sail through will also show shades of aquamarine.  Aquamarine waters are truly dazzling, through their beautiful bluish color, you can see the floor of the ocean, tropical sea life, and colorful coral reefs.  Aquamarine jewelry works well for days in port or at sea and can match nearly any outfit.

Aquamarine literally translates to “water of the sea.” It is the bluish-green variety of Beryl, which also contains other gem varieties such as Emerald and Morganite. The delicate, crystal hue makes it a perfect complement to any wardrobe.

The Aquamarine Bangle Bracelet in Platinum by Hammerman Jewels in a fun jewelry piece to use as a finishing touch for multiple resort wear outfits. With a glittering 9.19 carat aquamarine set in a platinum bangle, this bracelet is sure to dazzle as it catches the reflections off of the ocean.

Aquamarine Bangle Bracelet in Platinum



When the sun has set and the quiet, peaceful still of the night has settled in on the ocean, the party on the yacht is just heating up.  Whether your dinner is a formal or casual affair, sapphire jewelry is a wonderful match to an evening aboard the yacht, as the dark but glistening color matches the night’s ocean.

Sapphire is one of the two gem varieties of corundum. (The other is Ruby.) Sapphire is best known for its dark blue variety, but these gems can also be gray, black, pink or even colorless.  Sapphire is the most precious and valuable gemstone.

For a dinner onboard your yacht, try a combination of Hammerman Jewels’ Oval Sapphire and Diamond Chandelier Earrings and Sugarloaf Cabachon Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring.  The earrings, set with nearly 16 carats of sapphires and over 2.5 carats of diamonds, is an elegant addition to a long dinner dress and will certainly draw attention to you; the earrings contain a striking resemblance to the ocean’s waves, which will serve as a striking match to your environment. The ring is another beautiful combination of diamonds and sapphires to help round out your outfit.

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Chandelier Earrings and Sugarloaf Cabachon Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring


As you set sail aboard your expansive yacht for your summer vacation, you will undoubtedly be traveling in style. The ambassadors at New York City’s premier jewelry company, Hammerman Jewels, can help complete your onboard style with the perfect jewelry choices for your resort wear style. Contact us today to schedule a consultation that will ensure that your summer vacation leaves no style onshore.


“Fancy” Jewelry is Not Just for Fancy Occasions: How to Wear Your Fun and Fantastic Jewelry Everyday

Artfully crafted jewelry is a statement piece.  It enhances your fashion choices and represents an outward introduction of who you are and what you represent to the world.  Jewelry helps you feel more you, and it does not need a black tie event to do so.

Hammerman Jewels Antique Cut Pink Tourmaline Flower Cocktail Ring


All too often, women place themselves in a restrictive mindset where jewelry is involved, believing that they have their “work jewelry,” “night out jewelry,” “black tie event jewelry,” or “day-to-day jewelry.”  And unfortunately, those lines are rarely crossed.  But they should be!

Another common misfortune for jewelry buyers is that they forgo the purchase of beautiful jewelry under the misguided belief that he or she has nowhere to wear the jewelry.  However, this could not be further from the truth!  Jewelry is meant to be worn and not locked in a safe, kept in a jewelry box or purchased solely to serve as a family heirloom.

These jewelry myths stem from the fact that many people only shop for jewelry when they have an important event on the calendar.  However, if we can change our mindset from “purchasing jewelry for an event” to “purchasing jewelry for a lifestyle,” we can have enhanced jewelry collections to match our wardrobe.

At Hammerman Jewels, we believe the jewelry-buying approach should be focused around a wardrobe, not on an event or a coveted gemstone.  This approach will allow a jewelry buyer to purchase jewelry that can be worn year-round and not to one or two fancy or important events throughout the year.

Here is how to purchase jewelry for a wardrobe:

Hammerman Jewels Important Black Onyx and Diamond Super Bangle


For the black-centric wardrobe.  As a New York City jeweler, we would be remiss if we did not begin with jewelry to enhance a wardrobe that is mostly black.  The good news about the “New York uniform” of all black, is that black matches everything!  That includes jewelry.

Black provides a blank canvas that can be enhanced to match the individual personality and can be paired with nearly any precious gemstone.  Or, you can double down on the black with black diamonds or black onyx.

For those who want the all-black appearance with a little pop and a big statement, our ambassadors recommend Hammerman Jewels’ Important Black Onyx and Diamond Super Bangle for chunky, fun arm candy.

For a more glamorous look, or to draw attention to your face, we recommend the Magnificent Moonstone and Black Diamond Amorphous Earring.

Hammerman Jewels Aquamarine and Pink Sapphire Flower Shaker Ring


For the rebels who love a colorful wardrobe.  While New Yorker’s do love their black clothing, they also love to break the mold with pops of color.  And a big style trend currently is Lilly Pulitzer pops of color.  If you are all on board for the Lilly waves of color, our ambassadors have jewelry that can enhance your daily style in a fun way.

The wonderful thing about adding color to an outfit through jewelry is that the possibilities are nearly endless.  With so many gemstones and so many variations of popular stones, adding pops of color through jewelry can be quite simple.

For those who want color and the “wow” factor, our NYC jewelry professionals recommend Hammerman Jewels’ Rainbow Chandelier Earrings; with dangling multi-color sapphires set in 18 karat gold, you would be sure to turn heads.

Do not worry though, you can also add color more subtly if standing out is not your goal.  Our Aquamarine and Pink Sapphire Flower Shaker Ring with Diamonds, is intricate, beautiful and adds color to your style.

Hammerman Hoops with White Agate and Diamond Frame


For those who know white is not just for weddings.  Like black, white is extremely versatile and lends itself well to purchasing jewelry both for special occasions and everyday wear.  We love styling mostly white wardrobes because of the presence of the jewelry it pairs with.

Other than white gold, it is not often that we see white jewelry.  However, stones such as white agate are quite stunning and make a bold statement.  As an added bonus, agate is considered a “spiritual stone” that helps improve mental clarity and stability.

Hammerman Jewels has two special pieces that center around white gold and white agate that could work well for the white wardrobe lovers, either together or separate.  Our Sugarloaf Agate Ring makes a bold statement with 4 beautiful diamonds and one large agate center stone.

Our Hammerman Hoops with White Agate and Diamond Frame are glamorous statement earrings with over 2 carats of diamonds and 2 white agates that can be worn to a black-tie event, to work and to the supermarket.

For the lover of all things neutral. Neutral is a look that many people either love or believe they cannot pull off based on skin tone and style choices.  However you feel about a neutral or brown-oriented wardrobe, our New York jewelers believe that neutral jewelry is a stunning addition to any wardrobe

Hammerman Jewels Notre Dame Fancy Color Diamond Necklace


Neutral lends itself well to jewelry because, well, it is neutral.  And neutral is intended to match almost anything.  Because of this, whether your wardrobe is filled with brown shades or not, our neutral jewelry pieces can help enhance your wardrobe.

If you prefer glamour with a splash of neutral, the Very Special Cognac Diamond Double Sided Leaf Earring with over 4 carats of Fancy Cognac Diamonds and nearly 3 carats of white diamonds is the perfect pair for your ears.

If you prefer everything in shades of brown, Hammerman Jewels’ Notre Dame Fancy Color Diamond Necklace should be a perfect addition to your daily wear wardrobe.

In addition to the fun and fantastic jewelry pieces highlighted above, there are so many additional pieces that can be incorporated into a daily wardrobe.  Although visually stunning, “fancy” jewelry items should not be saved only for “fancy” events.  With as eye-grabbing as they are, they should be worn wherever and whenever possible.

At Hammerman Jewels, we want every woman to feel confident in the way she looks and feels.  We believe that beautiful jewelry can help enhance confidence and mood on an everyday basis.  Our ambassadors are ready to curate a hand-picked selection of jewels to complement your personal style for both daily and special occasion wear.  To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

Rihanna in Hammerman Jewels Black Onyx and Crystal Bangles

Rihanna is known for her bold, beautiful outfits, and her extra-large, glamorous jewelry.

Rihanna wore two maxi bangles with over 100 carats of brilliant white diamonds to Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Oscars After Party on February 24, 2019.

Styled by Jahleel Weaver, Rihanna wore an Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2019 Couture Leopard Dress with Alexandre Vaulthier by Amina Muaddi Black Strappy Sandals.

Original image first posted on Rihanna’s Instagram feed.