Show Boats International: Hammerman Brothers

A legacy of integrity for 60 years.

It was 1946 when the world-renowned jeweler Harry Winston befriended a young jewelry manufacturer named Bernard Hammerman, sparking a career that forged one of the benchmark brands in the jewelry manufacturing business. Along with his brothers Ben and Hy, Bernard Hammerman founded Hammerman Brothers Inc. and it has since become one of the largest manufacturers of fine jewelry in the United States, supplying retailers throughout the world who appreciate Hammerman’s high standards of craftsmanship and superior quality of diamonds and precious stones.

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shop talk: What A Gem – A Creator of Luxury Jewelry

Q&A With Brett Hammerman, by Lindsey Bromley

Q: Your Inspiration:

A: My father. He established the company in the 1940’s as a creator of luxury jewelry, always focusing on design and quality. In a world where price remains a strong focus, Hammerman continues making the finest jewels, never losing sight of the basic tenets that established our foundation for success.


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Fashion Portfolio: Elements of Style

Fashion Portfolio Elements Of Style Hammerman 1992

Beyond Winning Looks

What happens to a 1992 Diamonds International Award winner after the hoopla has faded? Instead of becoming a sweet memory for both designer and sponsor, Hammerman Brothers, New York, has decided to spark up the retail scene by making their winning necklace into a salable collection. Hammerman’s designer Lauren Pipkorn’s winning necklace is the basis for her “Stix and Stones” earring, bracelet ring collection that will be made with and without diamonds to hit varying price levels.

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Diamonds Today

Josie Natori in Hammerman JewelsJosie Natori

Mrs. Kenneth Natori traded a career in finance for a career that appeals to the senses: she is president of Natori Lingerie, Natori Couture and Evening Wear, and Natori Accessories. Josie may be a no-nonsense power in the business world, but she’s all woman as well, and both facets of her personality are revealed in her choice of charities. Born into a philanthropic family in the Philippines, she serves on the board of the Philippine American Foundation, which works for the alleviation of poverty in the Philippines through self-help programs, rural healthcare and education; she also donates her time to the New York Botanical Garden, which raises consciousness about all the world’s environments as it beautifies an urban one. Josie’s affinity for the world of nature is reflected in this diamond jewelry from Hammerman Jewels¬†and in a fine floral bustier and evening coat from her own elegant collection of designs.

Photographed by Roger Prigent at Malmaison Antiques. Makeup and hair by Garcia.