Show Boats International: Hammerman Brothers

Show Boats International: Hammerman Brothers

A legacy of integrity for 60 years.

It was 1946 when the world-renowned jeweler Harry Winston befriended a young jewelry manufacturer named Bernard Hammerman, sparking a career that forged one of the benchmark brands in the jewelry manufacturing business. Along with his brothers Ben and Hy, Bernard Hammerman founded Hammerman Brothers Inc. and it has since become one of the largest manufacturers of fine jewelry in the United States, supplying retailers throughout the world who appreciate Hammerman’s high standards of craftsmanship and superior quality of diamonds and precious stones.

Unlike other manfacturers, who often stamp their hallmarks on mountings or finished jewelry from foreign countries or sub-contractors, Hammerman designs and handcrafts each piece in its New York factory. Whether it’s a diamond tennis bracelet or an elegant diamond necklace for evening wear, the same hands create all of Hammerman’s offerings.

Hammerman diamonds have a sparkle that is impossible to duplicate in lesser–quality gems. The precision of the clasps, the suppleness of the necklaces and bracelets, and the attention to detail all contribute to the essence of fine manufacturing. Just as every art form requires time and patience, creating a piece of fine diamond jewelry demands the same high standards be met during every step of the manufacturing process. There are no shortcuts.

It is this kind of dedication that makes it easy to answer the question: “What will I do for love this holiday season?” Very simple. Select a creation from Hammerman Brothers.

With an eye on the future, Bernard Hammerman’s three children play an intergral role in the family business. Brett Hammerman directs the manufacturing facility, oversees company finances and travels extensively throughout the US and Europe. Robert and Darcy Hammerman are responsible for the company’s daily operations and are co-directors of the showroom. All three contribute to the development of new designs and Hammerman’s newest collections. And with its location in the heart of New York City, Hammerman Brothers has the opportunity to explore and keep abreast of all the latest fashion trends.

Hammerman manufactures one of the most diverse lines of fine jewelry in the industry, offering everything from watches and boutique items to large diamonds priced at over a million dollars. It has a distinguished list of clients that range from exquisite boutiques to some of the largest corporations in the US and Europe.

“When all is said and done, most customers who invest in fine jewelry are conscious of its lasting value,” says Brett Hammerman. “To maintain consistent high quality and sophisticated design requires uncompromising dedication. In this pursuit, the Hammerman family has spent more than 60 years building its reputation as one of the finest jewelry manufacturing houses in the world.”

Hammerman Brothers casts a fresh outlook on the future and continues to maintain its position as a leader of the diamond jewelry industry.