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Beyond Winning Looks

What happens to a 1992 Diamonds International Award winner after the hoopla has faded? Instead of becoming a sweet memory for both designer and sponsor, Hammerman Brothers, New York, has decided to spark up the retail scene by making their winning necklace into a salable collection. Hammerman’s designer Lauren Pipkorn’s winning necklace is the basis for her “Stix and Stones” earring, bracelet ring collection that will be made with and without diamonds to hit varying price levels.

Christina Shipps, Hammerman VP, said making a salable collection out of an award-winning piece will bring excitement to jewelry stores and give American designers more inspiration to enter contests. President Bernie Hammerman fully supported Pipkorn and, when he saw her sketch, he said with a smile, “We have a winner here.” Shipps added, “I think he meant a retail winner, not an award winner.”